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PixelRocket is an endless 2D top-down-shooter, where you have to pilot a spaceship through a labyrinth and fight enemies.

Your goal is to reach the portal, which is located in the top right corner, to get into the next world. The labyrinth's path is procedural generated and an unique theme will affect the types of enemies you will have to fight and of course the further you get than more difficult it will be.

At the moment there are 8 themes: Brick,Cave,Jungle,Nebula,Clouds,Hell,Space and Desert.

Your score increases, when you destroyed an enemy or complete a World.

The green bar represents your health. When you get hit by an enemy or a wall you lose health and when you complete one world you will regain your health completely.

The blue bar represents the amount of rockets you can shoot. It will decrease when you use them, but regenerate after some time completely.


This game can only be controlled by keyboard + mouse

  • accelerate - "W"
  • direction - "mouse position"
  • breake - "Space"
  • fire primary weapon (gun)- "Left mouse button"
  • fire secondary weapon (rockets)- "Right mouse button"
  • pause - "Escape"
  • zoom in - "E" / out - "Q"
  • change camera mode - "Tab"

Contact me

If you encountered a problem, want to leave feedback, just had fun playing this game, or anything else, please feel free to let me know anyhow you like or under dominik.dec.help@gmail.com

You need java version 1.8.0_31 or greater to play this game.


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